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Em breve farei uma review decente para o cd que marca a volta do Cave In. Mas ja posso adiantar que a volta não poderia ser melhor, simplesmente maravilhoso.

"It’s been six years since their last full-length and though this, Cave In’s fifth studio album, is more ‘Perfect Pitch Black’ than the rest of their discography, it’s also completely different to anything the band have ever released. When time is on a band’s side marvellous things can happen, and ‘White Silence’ is proof of that. Two years in the making, this is by far the most experimental and diverse record Cave In have made to date. The riffs and volume are still present but then there’s the layering (‘Iron Decibels’), the acoustic closer ‘Reanimation’ and the static noise ‘White Silence’. This is a grower not a shower but persevere because ‘White Silence’ has been worth the wait." - Rocksound

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[2011] White Silence

01 - White Silence
02 - Serpents
03 - Sing My Loves
04 - Vicious Circles
05 - Centered
06 - Summit Fever
07 - Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
08 - Iron Decibels
09 - Reanimation


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