A preguiça não vai me deixar fazer uma resenha agora, então deixo essa review em inglês por enquanto apenas para vocês terem uma noção do que se trata o som do Rökkurró.
Mas já adianto que a música encontrado aqui é de primeira qualidade.

A mixture of eerie rock sounds, bright indie pop melodies and classical strings, topped of with high pitched female voice singing in Icelandic – that’s the sound of Rökkurró.

Although these 5 youngsters come from the small town of Reykjavík, Iceland, they have big musical ideas that have brought them well deserved attention from the audience and press as recently they have been named one of the most promising bands from Iceland.

Rökkurró have been making music since 2006 and are now releasing they’re second LP Í annan heim (To another world) . Their first handmade and self titled EP was released in 2006 and is now unavailable. They released their first LP, Það kólnar í kvöld (It gets colder tonight) in Iceland 2007 and in Europe and Japan the year after. It got great reviews and after the release Rökkurró got offered to support Ólafur Arnalds and múm on tours abroad.

On the new album Rökkurró´s sound and songwriting has come quite a long way. A lot of which is thanks to Í annan heim´s producer, Alex Somers (Riceboy Sleeps), which helped the band come into their own and shape their new sound.

A lot of new instruments were added and song arrangements became more complex. This resulted in a nine song album: darker, more fragile and more complex than their first LP. It´s an album that both fascinates and haunts you.

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[2010] Í Annan Heim

01 - Í Annan Heim
02 - Sólin Mun Skína
03 - Skuggamyndir
04 - Við Fjarlægjumst
05 - Augun Opnast
06 - Sjónarspil
07 - Fjall
08 - Hugurinn Flögrar
09 - Svanur
10 Undir Sama Himni



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